Who we are?

JP-Bonsai is owned by Kiu garden bonsai inc, a family-owned business based in Toronto, Ontario, and we currently operate exclusively online, serving customers throughout Canada. Our focus is on traditional bonsai species and related products. The name “JP”; stands for juniper and pine, which are the fundamental and revered bonsai plants. We've chosen this name to honor these iconic bonsai species.

What Sets Us Apart?At JP-Bonsai, our mission is to preserve and promote the rich tradition of bonsai culture. We believe that many cultures, when introduced to North America, undergo transformations that sometimes result in the loss of their authentic essence. Take, for example, the sushi culture, we are all familiar with today; traditional Japanese sushi didn't include ingredients like salmon or avocado. Similarly, we aim to uphold the true essence of traditional bonsai and make it accessible to our customers.

Our vision:Our vision is to become the go-to online retailer for bonsai enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of bonsai products and accessories. We are committed to fostering a deep appreciation for traditional bonsai culture throughout North America.